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Baseball Bats Produced from Billet

Posted by Gavin Mason

Congratulations to Jackie Robinson West All Stars

As many of you probably already know, a Little League team from Chicago's South Side has been in the spotlight recently due to their success at the Little League World Series. The team from the south side has been featured much more in the local news and has drawn support from the entire city of Chicago. The team from Jackie Robinson West has also helped bring a community together that has been in the spot light in recent months due to the amount of violence and crime throughout the area. It is amazing what one common goal can do to bring a community together, even while battling ever increasing crime. 

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Rapid Prototyping Example

Posted by Gavin Mason

Rapid Prototyping used for new Indian Motorcycle

Combing through the July, 2014 edition of Modern Casting Magazine, I came across an article centered on rapid prototyping. However, throughout the article the author refers to it as rapid manufacturing, which is essentially the same thing.
"Rapid manufacturing enables metalcasters to produce components for physical testing that match the castings to be created in full production using other methods."

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Cast vs. Billet

Posted by Gavin Mason

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