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Most Interesting Casting on a Vehicle?

Posted by Gavin Mason

I Bet You Didn't Know...

EurobatThe battery in your car relies on castings to operate properly. When you think of a car battery most people think of a really heavy square thing made out of hard plastic, well at least I do. The only metal I can picture every seeing on a car battery is the two metal terminals on top where the wires are connected. Although those too may be casted, but I am not sure. The castings a battery relies on are actually found inside of the battery and to further explain, we must know how a car battery operates.

A battery produces electricity via a chemical reaction that releases electrons which are then channeled through conductors. The chemical reaction is produced by submerging both lead and lead dioxide plates in a sulfuric acid solution. As you can see in the photo above the plates are tightly packed inside the battery, which is why batteries are a lot heavier than they look. In order to place that many plates within a battery, the plates must be uniform in shape and size. The most efficient way to produce these uniform plates is to cast them, typically via the die casting or permanent mold methods. 

Add batteries to the ever growing list of parts on your car that are produced using one of the casting methods. To see other castings typically found on a vehicle, view our older blog post.


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