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Most Commonly used Casting?

Posted by Gavin Mason

The One Casting That Just About Everyone Uses?

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine from college who I hadn't talk to in some time. It was the typical conversation that you would have with someone from college. "Where do you live these days?" What do you do for a living?" ...Yeah one of those conversations. 

When I started to explain what CPM Industries does as a company, it lead me to explaining what it takes to produce just one casting. My friend, being an IT professional, wasn't aware how common castings are and how many products rely on castings. I then proceeded to tell him "I will bet that you use at least one casting per day... Have you ever driven a car?" 

One of the most common castings that people rely on every single day is the cast engine block in their car. There are numerous parts on a vehicle that are cast, but without the engine block you are going nowhere fast. The majority of engine blocks produced are done so via the casting process. Notice how I said majority? There are other methods to producing an engine block, such as machining it from billet. But using the casting process is the most cost effective method for automobile manufacturers, which means your car most likely has a cast engine block. 

Having this conversation got me thinking. In the few years that I have been with CPM, I have seen hundreds of casting projects come through our doors, but never an engine block. We have produced many parts for cars and trucks that go on their engines, such as intake manifolds and transmission housings, but I wanted to see what all goes into an engine block. I know what it takes and how large some of the patterns & tooling have to be to produce a casting half that size, so my curiosity got the best of me and I started searching online. My searching lead me to the video below from the Science Channel's How It's Made where they demonstrate how an engine block is casted. I figured I wasn't the only curious one, so I decided to write a blog and share it for all. Enjoy!



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