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Manufacturing Jobs Created Doubled in 2014

Posted by Gavin Mason

Manufacturing a Career to Consider

manufacturing2014 was an amazing year for the manufacturing industry, specifically job growth within the industry. With all of the talk recently about how manufacturing is going to pick up and produce jobs for the economy, it is nice to finally see some numbers to prove it. According to the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 193,000 manufacturing jobs were created in 2014 with an average of 16,000 jobs per month! Who said American manufacturing was dead?

With all of the re-shoring going on these days, it is great to see the US manufacturing industry consistently growing, hopefully US manufacturing can become what it once was. The US manufacturing industry used to be a powerhouse in the world market and we are one step closer to getting back to that stage. In 1979, US manufacturing jobs reached a peak of 19.4 million jobs! I'll let you read that again... 19.4 million jobs in 1979. In comparison, 2014 saw the most manufacturing jobs (12.24 million) since 2008 when there were 13.4 million manufacturing jobs. 

Even though the manufacturing industry is steadily adding jobs, there is still a huge generation gap within the industry. As the seasoned veterans of the manufacturing world start to retire, it is a struggle for employers to find experienced employees to fill those roles. How do we get the younger generations interested in manufacturing when industries such as IT (information technology) are exploding? Well it starts with decision makers making an effort, such as State Rep. Deb Conroy, and it is also up to those within the manufacturing industry. We must get younger generations interested in manufacturing and open their eyes to the career possibilities that are presented to them; because with the lack of experienced workers to fill the empty roles, there are plenty of career opportunities. As you can see in the chart presented by www.whitehouse.gov, manufacturing plays a huge role in the US economy so it is critical that we get the young, educated, and talented individuals interested in manufacturing.

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