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How CPM Industries Became a Casting Supplier

Posted by Gavin Mason

CPM Industries' Transformation

First-BuildingAs many of you know, our company recently (2012) changed its name to CPM Industries to more closely convey the scope of the business. Prior to being called CPM, we were formally know and Capital Pattern and Model, Inc. because the company was founded as a pattern shop in 1960. From 1960 to about the mid-1980's Capital Pattern and Model exclusively produced patterns and toolings for customers. 

In the mid-80's, an opportunity presented itself when one of our largest customers requested that we not only produce the pattern, but also supply the castings as well. At the time, the customer was getting sick of dealing with problems that are common when a project changes hands multiple times throughout the development and production stages. This meant that we would produce the necessary Pattern and Tooling, send it off to a partner foundry, then ship the castings back here for inspection prior to delivery to the customer. This was a huge opportunity for us to grow our business, but with the added growth came added pressure and responsibility. Becoming a casting supplier meant that every casting you supply has your name on it, even though we do not pour castings in-house. But it was a challenge we were willing to take head-on.

Not too long after we started supplying customers with raw castings, we had another special request come our way. In 1991 we implemented CNC Machining into our list of capabilities to not only provide another revenue stream, but to supply customers with turn-key castings as requested. As I said before, problems can arise when a project changes hands and the easiest way to eliminate or reduce problems is to find a turn-key casting supplier. So that is exactly what we became, a one-stop-shop for all of your casting needs. It has also allowed us to provide our customers with prototyping services and their choice of several options based on their specific project.

Not all customers are in search of turn-key castings; some may just need a pattern, or a pattern and raw castings, or they already have the castings and just need to get them machined. We also offer Prototyping Services that include prototype castings and Hogouts (parts from billet). Sometimes it is not cost effective to produce the necessary pattern and tooling to produce a handful of prototype castings. Instead, we offer what we call a hogout, which are parts machined from billet. Allowing the customer to pick and choose the services they need not only increases our customer base, but also allows us to be flexible when scheduling projects. This means we are not a first-in, first-out company and this allows us to take on projects for customers who needed their parts yesterday. 

Like all companies, CPM Industries is the company it is today because it progressed in order to meet the customer's requests. In manufacturing, you must be willing to take change head-on and run with it or the next person will and you will be left behind. It is a good feeling to look back at our original 1800 square foot facility (pictured above) and compare it to where we are today, in our 11,500 square foot facility. 

CPM's Casting Capabilities

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