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Economical Machining

U.S. Manufacturing Summit

How CPM Industries Became a Casting Supplier

Forecasting U.S. Manufacturing Based on Machine Tool Consumption

Are Alloys Outpacing Cutting Tools?

Most Interesting Casting on a Vehicle?

Manufacturing Jobs Created Doubled in 2014

Interesting Use for Castings

119th Metalcasting Congress

Most Commonly used Casting?

Pay Now or Pay Later w/ Cutting Tools

Protecting Your Patterns & Tooling

Don't Forget Machine Stock

The Effects of Major Regulations on Metalcasting

Happy Holidays

How Metal Castings Assisted Nike®

Managing Hardness in Castings

Updates from CPM Industries

How to Make Changes to a Completed Pattern

The Only thing Between Life & Death... Aluminum Castings

Inspecting Castings

Gravity and Metal Casting

Estimated Increase in Medical Castings

Sorry For The Inconvenience

My Experience at IMTS

2014 International Manufacturing Technology Show

Baseball Bats Produced from Billet

New Regulations Could Have Huge Impact

CPM's Competitive Advantage

Metal Casting Blog Ideas

Estimating Casting Costs

Rapid Prototyping Example

Increasing the Strength of Ductile Iron

Metalcasting Terminology

Metalcasters Highlight Governmental Impacts

Happy Independence Day

Surface Finish of a Sand Casting

Advantages of Sand Casting & Die Casting

Castings Found on a Vehicle

Considerations when Designing a Sand Casting

CPM's Updated Website

Avoiding a Mold Shift

Honoring The Brave Men and Women

Metalcastings used in Game of Thrones™

Metalcastings on Lady Liberty?

Inspecting Your Castings

New AFS Group


Castings Date Back to 1,500 BC

Keeping an Eye on Additive Manufacturing

Industry Updates

New Castings for New Orleans

Keeping it in the Family

Algebra for Castings?

Let the Products Speak for Themselves

Second Look at new Manufacturing Institutes

Quality over Quantity

Metalcasters Unite!

Nothing but Green & Gold

Shipping Costs and What Affects Them

Testing Methods for Castings

Keep Your Shop Clean & Organized

AFS Energy Solutions Programs

Chicago Picked for Manufacturing Initiative

Manufacturing a Career to Consider

Save Weight and Money with Castings

Metalcasting Forecast & Trends

Producing the Olympic Medals

New Committee Focuses on Metalcasting

Unusual Uses for Casting

What is Vacuum Forming?

Metalcasting Classes... Online!

I Bet You Have Played With These Castings at Some Point in Your Life

OSHA's Proposed Silica Rule- Update

Record Temperatures Across Midwest

New Year Brings New Propositions

Tis The Season

Casting Bullets to Save Money

Annual Metal Casting Competition

Safety First

Cast Iron and Thanksgiving

Final Machining at CPM

Castings Used to Ship Goods

Alternative Paths to Success

More Uses for Metal Castings

AFS Represents Metalcasting Industry at U.S. Government Investment Summit

Aluminum to Lead the way in 2014

Bionic Arm Uses a Hogout

What is Investment Casting?

First Chrysler, Now Toyota

Taking Another Look at Additive Manufacturing

Everyone Uses Castings

Natural Gas Mining Affecting Sand Casting Costs

Government Shutdown and Metalcasting

OSHA Update

Types of Cores

Bringing Metalcasting Home

CPM's Foundry Patterns

CPM Industries' Unique Casting Process

Quality Matters

Manufacturing is Making Headlines in the News

Prototype Castings and Lead Times

Proposed Safety Standards

Maintaining Your CNC Machines

Difference Between Sand Casting and Die Casting

How can a Hog-Out Help You?

More New Manufacturing Tech

Foundry Tooling: Materials

Guest Blog Written by ManagerPlus®

Rapid Prototype Castings

Inside Look at a Pattern Maker

New Manufacturing Technology

Ductile Iron Castings vs. Gray Iron Castings

Making Your Own Cutting Tools

Large Castings Can Be Tricky

Price Per Pound: Sand Castings

Take Your New Casting and Cut It Up

Another "First" for AFS

**Update on NSPS, Subpart UUU**

Manufacturing Organs... Impossible?

ALERT Metalcasters!!

CPM Industries and Navistar Collaborate to Supply our Troops

Help Us Help Our Industry

Let the Facts Speak for Themselves

Does Your Casting Have a Sweet Tooth?

Internet Marketing Strategies

Cast vs. Billet

Magnesium + Water = Big Problems for You

Do You Feel Safe?

Self-Repairing Castings?

Foundry Industry Competitiveness

CNC Foundry Pattern Demo

GE is Expanding.... Again

Chicago Museum Adds Foundry Kit

March was the Month for Manufacturing

Industry First on New Corvette

2013 CastExpo

Chrysler Invests in Metal Castings

Industrial Businesses and Social Media

STEP Awards Honor Women in Metalcasting

Metal Castings- A Woman's Best Friend?

Machining and Tooling Technology

Building and Managing Supplier Relationships

Housing Material: Cast Iron vs. Ductile Iron

Designing Tips for Heavy or Large Castings

3 Types of Cores used in Sand Castings (Part 2)

3 Types of Cores Used to Make Sand Castings

What is a Rapid Prototype Aluminum Casting?

3 Thoughts on Gray Iron Castings

3 Ways of Combating Common Defects in Iron Castings

Aluminum Sand Castings: Foundry vs. Finished Casting Supplier

3 Tips to Reduce Machined Sand Casting Cost

Low Volume Sand Castings Coming Back to America

Benefits of Aluminum Sand Castings?

General Tips for Buying Sand Castings

5 Tips for Designing Aluminum Sand Castings

Sand Casting vs. Investment Casting

Need a good laugh today? Here is how NOT

Ranking Machinability of Sand Castings

RB: Materials Lead the way to Vehicle Mass Reduction

Additional Key Differences of Ductile Iron vs. Steel Castings

Balance Core use in Sand Casting Pattern

CPM Example: Finished (Machined) Aluminum Casting

Video: Pouring of Olympic Rings

"Turning" to make a Machined Sand Casting?

What Materials are Sand Cast Patterns made out of?

Sand Casting Testings

Prototypes: Machined Hog-out vs. Finished Sand Casting

Air Set Casting Method vs. Green Sand Casting Method

Ductile Iron Castings vs. Gray (Cast) Iron Castings

Ductile Iron Castings vs. Steel Castings

Ductile Iron Sand Casting Machinabilty Facts

Common Pouring Temperatures for Sand Castings?

Sand Casting vs. Other Casting Methods

A CPM Example: From CAD Model to Finished Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum Plaster Casting? What is that?

Reducing Costs: Converting Weldments into Castings

Wait, What are Hi-Sil Moly Ductile Iron Castings?

Cope & Drag of a Sand Casting Pattern

5 Quick Tips for Sand Casting Design

Test Your Knowledge: Sand Casting Terms

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